Keurig K525 Review

Keurig K525 Review

Keurig is a well-known brand that is producing coffee machines. All these products are popular because this Vermont-based company knows how to satisfy their customers. Features of these k-cup coffee makers combined with an elegant and modern look are placing Keurig to be one of the most successful coffee brands today. In this article, we will analyze the features of the Keurig K525 coffee machine. From its outstanding design to numerous features to make a great cup of fresh coffee for anyone.

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Keurig K525 Highlights

Keurig K525 can make up to 10 cups of coffee with its 80oz reservoir. Time of brewing is less than a minute. The dimensions of it are 13.2″ High and 13.3″ Deep, the weight of this product is 10.0 lbs. It is compatible with K-cup, K-mug, and K-carafe pods. With K-cup it can brew volumes of 4, 6, 8, and 10oz, sizes of the K-mug are 12, 14, 16 and 18oz, and if you are using a K-carafe size of the pod are 22, 26 or 30oz.

A large color touch screen has a lot of functions for customization and is simple to use. Also, the size of the display is 2.8 inches and has a digital clock. That digital clock is useful for the automatic timer. Precisely, you can set your coffee maker to turn on or off, whenever you want.

Also, it has five temperature settings that let you pick your preferred character and intensity of the coffee. Another interesting function is Hot water on demand. With this function, you can make a fresh cup of tea or hot cocoa with no effort.

The screen has a night light, which is an interesting feature if you want your cup at night or early morning before sunshine. The icons on the screen describe the capacity of the cup. For a usual cup, time of brewing is less than a minute, and for a mug, you will need around three minutes. With an energy saver mode, you can choose when do you want for Keurig to turn off or on.

Also, you can set your favorite type of coffee in settings. With Brewer Maintenance you will know when it is time to change the filter. Keurig K525 is one of the models that contain water filter, and most of the coffee machines does not have one.

You can also set different languages, English, Spanish, and French. With settings for high altitude, you can set the machine to work on an altitude higher than 5,000 feet. It is compatible with My K-Cup, which is a universal reusable filter for coffee.


Keurig K525 has a lot of different features and great performances. It steps up beside other machines with its quality. It is simple to use, and most important, has the flexibility to make a lot of different types of coffee. No matter you are using a cup or carafe, and no matter if you have company. Keurig K525 will bring you a fresh cup in less than a minute. ble 6 Colorful

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